Sleep apnea is a condition where, for various reasons, some people stop breathing during sleep. Lapses in breathing cause us to wake up very briefly in order to remember to breathe, sometimes as often as once every two minutes, all night long. After years of interrupted and improper sleep cycles, health slowly begins to decline. It shows up in weird ways. We feel tired all the time, and brain-fog becomes a general nuisance.

Sleep apnea is ordinarily diagnosed in old fat snorers. I was not diagnosed for the longest time because I’m neither old nor a snorer. I’ve been overweight at times since childhood, likely because of sleep apnea.

Now, I use a machine called a CPAP device to help my body continue to breathe throughout the night. I won’t kid you–it’s not fun. It’s a chore that has to be done. But so long as I do it, my body stays healthy.

This site is dedicated to helping others by showing how one person is dealing with having to use CPAP therapy.

I would like to note here that I am not a medical professional. Hence, I am not qualified to give anything but sympathy to others in the same situation. My advice is limited to suggesting the color of stripes you might paint on your own CPAP machine. I do however, have a lot of experience using the machine and am happy to relate how I have dealt with my own problems in order to give perspective to others just now entering the on-ramp of the CPAP highway.