Why the name?

Why “DreamDiver”? For me, sleep can be like diving from consciousness into unconsciousness and vice versa. When I’m half awake in the middle of the night, I have often felt like I’m partly covered in water, just emerging from the surface – swimming in the air or through walls, out through the ceiling and into the sky above the house where I live. I later came to understand that this was conscious dreaming – basically being conscious and creatively extrapolating a dream during REM sleep. On long trips to Canada in the summer, I would find myself drowsing, half in and out of sleep. I would consciously go between sleep and non-sleep states. It felt like I was submerging and emerging from a surface that felt much like water. It actually felt wet – like water was trickling off my face, nose and ears.

I will not append any mystical or other-worldly connotation to what I experienced. It simply was what it was – a fun pastime during long trips, mindful meditations and frequent naps in a search for the personal edge of conscious experience. Now that I use a CPAP machine, these kinds of dreams are considerably less frequent.

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