Sleep Apnea – the Diagnosis

Do you wake up sweating like you ran a marathon all night, even though you were supposedly asleep? That’s what was happening to me. I ran through all sorts of medical tests for everything. Finally, after running out of tests, the doctor said I should try one last thing: a test for sleep apnea.

I saw the sleep doctor for a few minutes a week prior to testing and then a few days after testing. I was given a prescription and was diagnosed with mild-to-moderate sleep apnea. I was given a list of DME’s to choose from that my health insurance would accept. That’s it. I was on my own. For a princely fee, the DME would provide me with a machine and mask.

Fortunately, I had been researching sleep apnea on line. I found out quite a bit before I even got started on my journey by becoming a member of There I found friendly people in the same boat. I found out their experiences with using their own machines. Now I have a machine and mask that suit my needs.

If you’re about to start this journey for yourself, I hope you’ll take the time to look through my own thoughts on CPAP therapy.


DME – Durable Medical Equipment (Provider) – These are local or national companies that are licensed to sell, rent or distribute medical equipment so doctors’ offices don’t have to deal with it.

CPAP – Constant Positive Air Pressure – the therapy for providing air to someone who forgets to breathe during sleep – often synonymous with the machine that provides the therapy.

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