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Masks are difficult to photograph. Often times, the studio uses a white background. The silicone seal is already fairly white, so you get an incomplete idea of what some masks are  really like.

Here’s a video I created of the ZZZ Full Face CPAP Mask by PMI Probasics. Continue reading

The CPAP machines that most people are prescribed fall into the insurance code category E0601. The second most common insurance code is E0470 for BiPAP machines. This insurance billing code is what is used by the DME to get paid by your insurance company when you rent or buy a machine through that DME. E0601 and E0470 cover quite a number of different machines: Continue reading

Below is a list suggesting how the Sleep Industry might like to see sleep study patients managed. While this may be the way the Sleep Industry would like to see things standardized, currently there are no well-recognized standards for this level of patient management. It’s up to the doctors and sleep labs how sleep study patients are managed and who handles what part of the professional/patient relationship. This can work to your advantage, or it can work against you. Continue reading

Do you wake up sweating like you ran a marathon all night, even though you were supposedly asleep? That’s what was happening to me. I ran through all sorts of medical tests for everything. Finally, after running out of tests, the doctor said I should try one last thing: a test for sleep apnea. Continue reading

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